In their music Relatives blend the dissonant tonalities of the 20th century with the unadorned folk songs of Appalachia. The group was created in New York City in 2007 by Ian Davis, Katie Vogel and Gabriel Gall. Together they self-released two EPs, They Love You Well (2009) and Tardy Mark (2011), and put out a full-length album, The Relatives  (2011), on the Museum People label. In the fall of 2011, Gall left the group and Vogel and Davis reconfigured with Ross Edwards. Relatives writes and performs both as a duo/trio as well as a full-band ensemble, often incorporating winds, strings, horns, and additional singers into their music. In 2013 they signed with MDR, an independent, Cork-based record label who put out their most recent EP; The Signs That Mock Me As I Go.





"Freaky, committed, old-fashioned." -- Nico Muhly, November 2010 

"The things that they do with these voices, in their songs, is slippery and adventurous." -- Sean Moeller for Daytrotter, November 2011  

"Relatives' newest EP, Tardy Mark , has a very refreshing combination of creative song writing and rustic production." -- Corporeal Music, January 2012 

relatives is a rotating cast of characters. katie vogel and myself are always there. we are joined by ross edwards, spencer zahn, ian chang, booker stardrum, jeremy gustin, zubin hensler, riley mulherkar, andrew mulherkar, andy clausen, willem de koch, rebekah durham, adam kramer, ali jones, char prescott, adam schatz, stephanie leke, lindsay walsh, carah naseem, and others